Kids in Lockdown ~ Never Too Old for Disney

I’m by no means a parenting blogger and I don’t go in for imposing my opinions upon other parents. As I said in a recent Facebook post that I felt compelled to share when everybody jumped on the bandwagon about the kids going back to school, my child my choice, your child your choice. I believe that with every fibre of my being, what I have decided to share in this blog post surrounds the voyage of discovery I’ve had with my little man and his tastes, likes, dislikes and getting to the heart of the fact that at the tender age of 6 years old he’s still very much a kid. I feel that lockdown has allowed him to be a kid.


I admit when I became a mummy I was clueless about kids! (On a side note, I think Clueless is a fantastic chick flick). I’ve always been a big kid myself but I had extremely limited experience with children bar a spot of interaction with kids belonging to friends and family. Of course in all those situations I could hand the kid back and I never really took an active interest in the psyche of the little mites in my life. They’re all bigger mites now, I might add.

The first night at home (after the one night in hospital that my little lad and I had spent together) was a minefield. He had behaved impeccably on the maternity ward, no doubt exceedingly tired from his journey into the world. Once thoroughly rested though he decided to give his mummy a crash course in motherhood and also helpfully demonstrated the lack of sleep I was in for.

The lucky little fellar was surrounded by toys from the get go, mostly of a Disney nature given the passion for the franchise that my hubby and I have. I also took delight in tuning into Disney Junior regularly because I felt I had an excuse to! I’ll never forget a friend of mine dropping in on us when my baby was a few weeks old and saying ‘I love that you already have Disney Junior on the television’ and of course I told her it was for the little one’s benefit…

Parenting hit: all the Disney Junior.

Parenting miss: as per the title, I was clueless!

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Photo Credit: Disney Junior)

Mickey Mouse is much loved by all in my geeky family. We have ‘met’ the famous mouse on countless occasions and notably, where a few of my boy’s peers have moved on from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior, he has embraced it and indeed Mickey himself, more and more. ‘Can you look on eBay to see if there’s a Mickey Mouse bag, lunchbox, play sets of all descriptions’ are regular questions and his Christmas list which is a work in progress from just after his birthday is full of Mickey Mouse themed toys. Mostly those that are no longer sold or stocked so there will be many second hand toys from Santa Claus!

Parenting hit: we have never outgrown Mickey Mouse ~ my 48 year old husband and 41 year old me adore him to this day.

Parenting miss: expecting Mickey do be a redundant figure so early on!

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins (Photo Credit: Disney Junior)

What amazed me with my son and Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins is that he has no recollection of it from his younger years. He had been gripped by it from age 2 onwards, even possessed plushies from the shows, that have gone on to find new homes. A recent trip to a newly opened local car boot sale saw him get his paws on a rather natty set of Doc McStuffins figures. I had wanted to sell them because I’m a seller on eBay and Shpock, but he was determined to hold onto them and also started rewatching the series all over again on Disney+ he has no recollection of it at all. Not Stuffy, nor Chilly or even Squeakers. The television show has found a new place in his heart and he watches it with renewed interest on a different level.

Parenting hit: finding the figures at the car boot sale renewed his passion for the television series and it’s not a bad one to get back into.

Parenting miss: I wholly expected my little man to remember Doc McStuffins from the young age he was at when we first used to watch it together.

Star Wars

With The UK Garrison at MCM Comic Con November 2019

Star Wars is another franchise we love as you’ll read here About The Geeky Family Life and a few of the boy’s friends are big Star Wars fans. We have collectively took great joy in tracking Star Wars costumers UK Garrison around the various Comic Cons we usually frequent. However, I misguidedly took the initiative in beginning to acquire Star Wars bedroom furniture and decor ready for a more grown up look for the little man’s hangout. Oh boy did I get it wrong! Mickey Mouse and classic Disney reigns supreme and shows no signs of changing anytime soon. What I’ve taken away from that situation is that he’s not affected by his peers and their interests. I love that!

Parenting hit: introducing Star Wars characters has piqued his interest so hopefully he’ll join us on the dark side when he’s older.

Parenting miss: I rushed him and needed a bit of prompting to listen to what he wanted. Slapped hand for mum!


Several of the little chap’s mates play Minecraft and a few of his older pals are Roblox mad. I introduced him to Roblox on his Amazon Kindle Fire, because he’s very interested in gaming on the Wii and regularly asks one of us to download games for him on his Kindle. He tends to love football, Angry Birds and any game that features a vehicle. Often his attention span won’t settle on one game for too long. I was intrigued to see how Roblox would rank.

Two weeks since it was first downloaded he’s almost completely forgotten about it. He enjoyed a fun-filled three days of dipping into a pizza delivery game that he’d discovered and appeared to love. He’s not been distracted enough to forget his many toys though and how to play creatively, so that’s been an interesting unintentional experiment.

Parenting hit: he’s often feeling a bit left out when friends talk about different games he has no knowledge of and now he’s all clued up!

Parenting miss: I misjudged him, I expected to have to put a screen time limit in place and it hasn’t been required so far…

They’re not kids for long…

It’s a true saying, I personally am ever the Peter Pan, still loving all things that my childhood introduced me to and have no shame in clinging onto them. Whether that bd in T-shirt form (I recently received an awesome tee for my birthday that featured The Raccoons cartoon) of even continuing my toy collection. Kids learn from and mimic their parents so I guess my youngster is seeing his mum’s level of maturity and copying! He’s got all the time in the world to grow up though and I’ve learned to step back and let him do it in his own time. He’s determined and stubborn enough to take the steps he wants to take and enjoy the toys and characters he chooses. Long may it continue!

I might add that since I began writing this piece, lockdown has produced a football fan – all of a sudden daddy’s boy wants to watch it and play it. He came around to it in his own time.

That’s my boy!

The Salisbury Poisonings ~ Television Review

Must-See Television Drama

I remembered the Salisbury Poisonings from back in 2018. Not only do I recall feeling so hugely sorry for the victims and the residents themselves, I also felt worry for a national public health issue. Was this a new terrorist ploy? All sorts of connotations went through my head (and I do feel these concerns heighten ten-fold when you have a young family).

The announcement of a dramatisation came as a surprise, however I was keen to give it a go. The three consecutive nightly instalments really sold it to me as I enjoy that sort of momentum – I don’t have time to binge watch these days! It’s a thing of the past for now!!

Anne-Marie Duffy & Darren Boyd (Photo credit: BBC)

I feel almost morbid for saying I thoroughly enjoyed the television dramatisation and looked forward to the subsequent nights of television goodness. Slightly given the edge because it actually happened, the characters were all instantly in my heart and mind as the horrors of the reality unfolded. It was akin to watching a documentary combined with a gripping conspiracy thriller. The build up was palpable and it has stayed on my mind.

‘Stella’ Cast

The cast list was a huge draw, if you know a real story is in good hands then it’s always worth a punt in my humble opinion! Stella Gonet is a name I always associate with excellence and she put her heart and soul into the role of Caroline Sturgess, the mother of Dawn who sadly died due to contamination from Novichok. Equally Myanna Buring (I know her mostly for her previous role in Downton Abbey) was able to gain my empathy from the outset, such a thoughtful and respectful portrayal. Rafe Spall broke my heart and put it back together again as Nick Bailey, the Detective Sargent who came into contact with the nerve agent. Annabel Scholey was well cast as his wife, Sarah. Their onscreen pairing worked beautifully.

Rafe Spall (Photo Credit: BBC)

There was no performance that went unnoticed, every member of that ensemble clearly wanted to do their best by the real people. Anne-Marie Duffy who plays Tracy Daszkiewicz took us to hell and back with her as she fought to contain the contamination and protect the public. Tracy is a real hero and I wonder how she would deal with Covid-19! Brilliantly I expect!! For a full list of the ‘characters’ and actors have a look at this link: Salisbury Poisonings Cast

Scary Similarities

Although the use of Novichok to cause destruction was pinned on two Russians who were sent to assassinate Sergei and Yulia Skripal, watching the television series at a time when contamination is a global pandemic provided some scary similarities.?An abundance of PPE, briefings from public health and seeing the symptoms emerge was all rather close to home. When Tracy Daszkiewicz wiped and cleaned her entire house down it was very reminiscent of scenes from life at the moment. Hard hitting for more than just one reason that’s for sure.

Perfect Poignancy

The intended victims of the Novichok plantation were not dwelt on particularly and instead we saw how a community coped with a frightening situation. We also got into the heart, soul and lives of innocent victims. It was a privilege to have the story shared in all its complexity and tear-jerking to see the real people at the end. I know the Sturgess family are still on a quest for answers and want to wish them all the best with it. The video they kindly allowed the viewing public to see (Dawn and her daughter Gracie dancing) was poignancy personified.

You can still catch The Salisbury Poisonings on BBC iplayer The Salisbury Poisonings

The A Word ~ Television at its best

I’ve been an avid viewer of The A Word since the get-go. With its glorious scenery, stellar cast and sensitively handles hard hitting topics, it was just the series the BBC needed and it has my heart to this day. The writer, Peter Bowker has written a whole string of television hits including ‘Blackpool’ and he’s a BAFTA award winner which is no surprise at all.

I have experience of ASD from a variety of angles. I have a number of people in my life who have children at varying stages of diagnosis and I also co-ordinated a clinic in a CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) setting for a short time. The A Word makes sense of the world that an individual with Autism creates and inhabits. Interwoven are all the nuances of family life, both broken and functioning. Relationships are explored in depth and each one is brought to the fore when the storyline lends itself. Bowker’s writing style transcends gritty realism and blazes a trail of hope, strength and truth.

Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Joe (Max Vento)

Series three of The A Word brought tears, happy tears, sad tears, confused tears even. Emotionally it has taken its viewing public through the proverbial wringer with Joe (the wondrous Max Vento) at the beating heart of the exceptionally developed story. There have been so many highlights on the latest journey with the Hughes family and those around them. Here are a few of the reasons why I have been glued to series 3 of The A Word:

  • Louise & Maurice ~ their relationship has moved on a pace since series two. Louise (Pooky Quesnel) is in better health having battled breast cancer and Maurice (Christopher Eccleston) is still by her side. With a casual liaison in progress it’s becoming clear that their union could be a keeper. I am all for that and I think the chemistry between Quesnel and Eccleston is quite something. When Maurice moves himself in following Ralph’s (Leon Harrop) move to his marital home. More wedding bells are in the air though…
  • Au Revoir Eddie ~ played by Greg McHugh he’s one of my favourite characters. Although it was not the best news (for me!) to discover he was being written out and taking a new career opportunity in London. Eddie’s relationship with his dad, Maurice has always been tempestuous but the bond has shone through and their scenes in Eddie’s final episode were memorable for all the right reasons. I’m so glad he was back in the final episode!
  • Alison’s journey ~ Morven Christie breaks my heart a little bit as Alison, a mum in turmoil yet so focused. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every nuance of the character’s path during this series. Particularly in relation to Joe and also her relationship with Rebecca (Molly Wright) when she falls pregnant.
  • Paul and Sarah ~ Lee Ingleby and Gemma North have been giving acting masterclasses with their will they won’t they scenario and I was willing them to get it together. Maybe next series….?
  • Julie Hesmondhalgh ~ I have adored Julie being a part of the cast as Joe’s teacher. She is a stand-out actress and could easily have been mistaken for a real teacher.
  • Wedding of the year ~ Ralph and Katie’s (Sarah Gordy) wedding was television gold, their beautiful union couldn’t have been more perfect. The bride looked resplendent in red and the choir were sensational. What an incredible storyline theirs has been.
  • Music ~ the soundtrack is one of the many reasons I tune in, Joe has fantastic taste and the lyrics of the selected songs are always meaningful. They fit the mood.
Alison (Morven Christie) and Maurice (Christopher Eccleston)

Series three has been a rollercoaster for sure and it culminated in the unexpected arrival of Joe’s ‘friend’ which is one of the scenes of the series to date. Signalling how far they have all come and a new beginning too. It’s good!

BAFTA Television Awards Nominations 2020 ~ Who’s on the list?

As a self-confessed awards junkie and square-eyed television geek, the family and I always look forward to the BAFTAs. It’s one of the glitzy ceremonies us Brits do well and recognises so many different talents from across the broadcasting board.

This year the ceremony is going virtual on BBC One and will be hosted by Richard Ayoade. I had half expected the BAFTA television awards not to go ahead this year so on Friday 31 July I will be happily ensconced on my sofa in my best frock (probably one I purchased from Tesco during Lockdown), Dumbo slippers and a lovely Mickey Mouse mug of tea completing that picture. As usual I will be cheering and booing depending on the winners, with the odd ‘yeah, I can see why…’ thrown in my husband’s direction for good measure. What an event it will be!

BBC One’s Killing Eve

I love television, it’s rare the box is off if we are at home and a job on the BAFTA television panel would be a dream come true. However, my elements of bias would be far too likely to come roaring to the fore! I do feel the panel have selected some interesting yet predictable choices this year. Here’s my two penneth for what it’s worth:

Drama Series ~ Netflix are dominating many of the categories which is certainly no surprise. As we are behind the times and recently subscribed, I am yet to watch the much hyped The Crown. However, given the hype I do feel it stands the best chance of winning. If I was allowed to choose, my vote would go to Gentleman Jack. Anything written by Sally Wainwright gets my vote and the television series was controversial yet for the most part, well received and the casting was phenomenal.

Comedy Entertainment Programme ~ I’ve watched two out of the four nominated programmes and wouldn’t choose either of them as winners. I enjoy The Graham Norton Show but I don’t make a point of watching it. Taskmaster seems to go down well with hubby however there is no series link on our planner. I don’t think I could pick a winner in this category. Slightly disappointed by the options.

Leading Actress ~ I must comment on this category because I would not want to be on the panel picking between this formidable bunch. Glenda Jackson gave an acting master class in Elizabeth Is Missing, Suranne Jones surpassed herself in Gentleman Jack, Jodie Comer continues to pull critical acclaim for her mesmerising performance in Killing Eve and Samantha Morton has long been a favourite actress of mine, she shines in all she does, exceptionally in I Am Kirsty. I can’t choose but it might be Comer who snatches it because Killing Eve is such a prominent series.

BBC One’s Casualty

Soap & Continuing Drama ~ the category I always look forward to checking the nominations for. Emmerdale and Casualty tend to come out on top given past form, however Coronation Street has tackled Cancer and also coercive relationships, both of which they have pulled off triumphantly. Holby City might be the outsider as in my experience (rather than on my opinion) it is portrayed as second fiddle to Casualty. Of course I feel that Casualty deserves the trophy because they have aired the sensitively handled and beautifully acted exit for Duffy. Who do I think will win? Emmerdale, not necessarily because any storyline stands out for me, just because I think they will clinch it again.

ITV’s Beecham Hou

Costume Design ~ There are some terrific nominees in this category. I am immediately drawn to Joanna Eatwell for Beecham House, because that was a fantastically costumed piece, the costumes made that for me. Aside from a splendid performance from the ever amazing Lesley Nicol. Caroline McCall for His Dark Materials is also a good shout though, costumes in that series were a huge draw for me. Michele Clapton for Game of Thrones would probably be an obvious winner. However Odile Dicks-Mireaux stands a fair chance for the highly acclaimed Chernobyl. If it was my choice it would be Joanna Eatwell who gets the trophy.

Entertainment Performance ~ For the last of my ramblings and musings I will just say this. Lee Mack is my winner!

Lee Mack

The full list of nominations is below, who do you want to win this year and what will you be wearing to the ceremony? I really hope you’ll at least put some clean pyjamas on 😋

Must-see moment (voted for by the public)

Game of Thrones, Arya kills the Night King – Sky Atlantic

Coronation Street, the death of Sinead Osborne – ITV

Fleabag, Confessional scene – BBC Three

Gavin and Stacey, Nessa proposes to Smithy – BBC One

Line of Duty, John Corbett’s death – BBC One

Love Island, Michael recouples after Casa Amor – ITV2

Short-form programme

Anywhere But Westminster – The Guardian

Brain In Gear – BBC iPlayer

Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle – BBC Four

Toni_With_An_I (Born Digital: First Cuts) – BBC Four

Live event

Blue Planet Live – BBC One

Election 2019 Live: The Results – ITN/ITV

Glastonbury 2019 – BBC Two

Operation Live – Channel 5


ICC Cricket World Cup Final – Sky Sports Cricket

2019 Rugby World Cup Final: England v South Africa – ITV

Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019 Semi Final: England v USA – BBC One

Wimbledon 2019 Men’s Final – BBC One

News coverage

Hong Kong Protests – Sky News

ITV News At Ten: Election Results – ITN/ITV

Prince Andrew & The Epstein Scandal (Newsnight) – BBC News/BBC Two

Victoria Derbyshire: Men Who Lost Loved Ones To Knife Crime – BBC News/BBC Two

Specialist factual

8 Days: To The Moon And Back – BBC Two

Seven Worlds, One Planet – BBC One

Thatcher: A Very British Revolution – BBC Two

Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story – BBC Four

Reality and constructed factual

Celebrity Gogglebox – Channel 4

Harry’s Heroes: The Full English – ITV

Race Across The World – BBC Two

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – BBC Three

Factual series

Crime and Punishment – Channel 4

Don’t F**K With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer – Netflix

Leaving Neverland – Channel 4

Our Dementia Choir With Vicky McClure – BBC One

Single documentary

The Abused – Channel 5

David Harewood: Psychosis And Me – BBC Two

The Family Secret – Channel 4

The Last Survivors – BBC Two

Current affairs

Growing up Poor: Britain’s Breadline Kids (Dispatches) – Channel 4

The Hunt for Jihadi John – Channel 4

Is Labour Anti-Semitic? (Panorama) – BBC One

Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag (Exposure) – ITV


Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back – Channel 4

The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan – BBC Two

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing – BBC Two

Snackmasters – Channel 4

Scripted comedy

Catastrophe – Channel 4

Derry Girls – Channel 4

Fleabag – BBC Three

Stath Lets Flats – Channel 4

Comedy and comedy entertainment programme

The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

The Last Leg – Channel 4

The Ranganation – BBC Two

Taskmaster – Dave

Entertainment programme

The Greatest Dancer – BBC One

The Rap Game UK – BBC Three

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC One

The Voice UK – ITV


Euphoria – Sky Atlantic

Succession – Sky Atlantic

Unbelievable – Netflix

When They See Us – Netflix

Soap and continuing drama

Casualty – BBC One

Coronation Street – ITV

Emmerdale – ITV

Holby City – BBC One


Chernobyl – Sky Atlantic

A Confession – ITV

The Victim – BBC One

The Virtues – Channel 4

Single drama

Brexit: The Uncivil War – Channel 4

Elizabeth Is Missing – BBC One

The Left Behind – BBC Three

Responsible Child – BBC Two

Drama series

The Crown – Netflix

The End Of The F***Ing World – Channel 4

Gentleman Jack – BBC One

Giri/Haji – BBC Two

Female performance in a comedy programme

Sarah Kendall, Frayed – Sky One

Sian Clifford, Fleabag – BBC Three

Gbemisola Ikumelo, Famalam – BBC Three

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag – BBC Three

Male performance in a comedy programme

Jamie Demetriou, Stath Lets Flats – Channel 4

Ncuti Gatwa, Sex Education – Netflix

Youssef Kerkour, Home – Channel 4

Guz Khan, Man Like Mobeen – BBC Three

Entertainment performance

Frankie Boyle, Frankie Boyle’s New World Order – BBC Two

Mo Gilligan, The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan – Channel 4

Lee Mack, Would I Lie to You – BBC One

Graham Norton, The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

Supporting actor

Stellan Skarsgard, Chernobyl – Sky Atlantic

Joe Absolom, A Confession – ITV

Josh O’Connor, The Crown – Netflix

Will Sharpe, Giri/Haji – BBC Two

Supporting actress

Naomi Ackie, The End of the F***ing World – Channel 4

Helen Behan, The Virtues – Channel 4

Helena Bonham Carter, The Crown – Netflix

Jasmine Jobson, Top Boy – Netflix

Leading actor

Jared Harris, Chernobyl – Sky Atlantic

Stephen Graham, The Virtues – Channel 4

Takehiro Hira, Giri/Haji – BBC Two

Callum Turner, The Capture – BBC One

Leading actress

Jodie Comer, Killing Eve – BBC One

Glenda Jackson, Elizabeth is Missing – BBC One

Suranne Jones, Gentleman Jack – BBC One

Samantha Morton, I Am Kirsty – Channel 4

Photo credits: BBC Pictures, ITV

Disney Plus ~ Lockdown Essential

Are you a Disney fan? Are you a Disney fan who had a trip to one of the Disney parks booked? Are you a Disney fan with a Disney trip booked and Disney merch all over your home?

Our family ticks all those boxes, if yours does too, I feel your Covid-related pain! Unprecedented times have left many of us Mouseketeers with cancelled Disney-related plans (we were going back to Disneyland Paris for Halloween but we’re postponing it for now), comic cons cancelled causing a lack of Disney meets and Disney Store is closed! Closed!! I know, I know you can buy online at Shop Disney but is it the same for you? I do get a small buzz (not Mr Lightyear, I might add!) from adding to basket at Shop Disney, however it fails to compare to an aimless yet joyful meander around my favourite shopping mall store. From checking out which character the cast members chose as their favourite to display in their name badge, to the free stickers (I’m not even sorry!) ~ the experience is never disappointing.

In the nick of time though, a sunset appeared on the horizon. It looked inviting, enticing and appeared to bring with it a healthy dose of pixie dust… it was… DISNEY PLUS! (insert X Factor announcer voice to add that extra gravitas!). A saviour in mouse ear form, the gloriously magical app has saved the day and turned potential lockdown hell until lockdown heaven. In fact it’s a lockdown essential! Here’s why:

Credit: Disney Plus

1. Gummi Bears – not the sweets, although they are very sweet 😍 I’m talking about a throwback to my Saturday morning television choices back in those halcyon days! I’m talking about Zummi-Gummi, Tummi-Gummi, Grammi-Gummi and (my personal favourite) grumpy little Gruffi-Gummi. Not only has it been wonderful to introduce our 6 year old to classic television, it’s also been fun to reminisce on Saturday mornings when I was a similarly young age and spent my time attempting to bounce like my favourite bears. Boing boing boing! Thank you Disney Plus!

Credit: Disney Plus

2. Disney Fairytale Weddings ~ I had no idea this programme was a thing! Exchanging vows at the house of mouse has crossed my mind on more than one occasion, although for my Disney-loving husband and I it would be vowel renewal we’d be looking at. This television series is cheesey in the extreme and the weddings are all in the USA at either Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida. Occasionally there’s a cruise featured which always makes me wistful. Marriage proposals are set up too and some of the performers they enlist help from at the wedding parties are incredible. Olivia Newton-John singing ‘Magic’ is without doubt a moment that rendered me mesmerised. It’s terrific binge-watching stuff, especially in lockdown!

Credit: Disney Channel

3. Disney Channel Favourites ~ One our close friends confided that Disney Plus is keeping her teenage daughter occupied with old school Disney channel reminiscence. From Jessie to Shake it Up to Hannah Montana, Disney Plus has all the episodes to indulge your inner Disney Channel geek. For me personally, I am loving a cheeky viewing of Shake It Up. I first discovered the series when there was very little else to watch on the television at the Disneyland Paris resort hotel my husband and I were staying at. We have introduced our boy to Hannah Montana and he does not believe that it’s Miley Cyrus before him! He’s been pretty engrossed in the series though.

4. Movies ~ All the movies!! Every Disney movie you can think of and let’s not forget that Disney bought out Fox so we also get all the Ice Age movies amongst others. I was beside myself to reunite with Three Men and a Baby and Three Men and a Little Lady. Tom Selleck has helped to enhance my lockdown, guys! There is also a fine performance from the wonderful Fiona Shaw whom many of you will remember as ghastly Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies. In Three Men and a Little Lady she plays a hilarious sex-starved boarding school headmistress. Couldn’t be further from Harry Potter’s awful Auntie. We’ve also watched all nine Star Wars movies starting with Phantom Menace. One movie per night was our viewing pattern of choice and we renewed our love for the franchise. Can’t wait to move on to The Mandalorian so I can coo over baby Yoda!

Credit: Disney Plus

5. Family Fun ~ From Disney Family Sundays which is all about crafts, most of which we need to be able to access a store such as Hobbycraft to be prepared for, but can be banked for later. We also all thoroughly enjoyed the celebration of the music from Coco. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you turn out the lights in the early evening and get into a fiesta mood! The singalong specials that have been put together during lockdown have also been soaked up and participated in. Singing ‘Try Everything’ with Shakira from the comfort of my dining table will forever be a highlight of lockdown for me. Zootropolis is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies.

So, if you haven’t invested in Disney Plus yet, what are you waiting for? There are loads of deals around at the moment and subscription is very affordable. Our geeky family’s advice is subscribe today Disney Plus and try everything 💖